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Compiler constants

RAD Basic defines constants for exclusive use with the #If…Then…#Else directive. These constants are functionally equivalent to constants defined with the #const directive except that they are global in scope, so they apply everywhere in the project.

These are the defined compiler constants by RAD Basic:

Constant Value Meaning
RADBASIC True Application compiled with RAD Basic.
Win32 True Environment is 32-bit compatible.
Win64 True Environment is 64-bit compatible.

Because Win32 returns True in both 32-bit and 64-bit development platforms, it is important that the order within the #If…Then…#Else directive returns the desired results in your code. For example, because Win32 returns True in 64-bit (Win32 is compatible in Win64 environments), checking for Win32 before Win64 results in the Win64 condition never running because Win32 returns True. The following order returns predictable results:

#If Win64 Then 
' Win64=true, Win32=true
#ElseIf Win32 Then 
' Win32=true
' !!!! 
#End If