Compatibility Matrix

RAD Basic aims to be 100% compatible with your Visual Basic 6 projects.

However, as it is in early development (alpha state) there are missing features.

This is a live page where you could review the current compatibility with Visual Basic 6. So, you could know if current RAD Basic development state is useful for your projects. When RAD Basic reach 1.0 version, this page will be limited to type of projects supported.

The current state is for RAD Basic 0.4.0 (alpha 2) which is released on Nov 30, 2021.

Project types

At this moment it is support only Standard EXE projects.

In further versions, support for ActiveX Components (OCX), ActiveX EXE and ActiveX DLL will be added.


This are the current implemented instructions:

  • Assignment
  • Call Sub
  • Call object method
  • IF
  • While

Controls Implemented

This are the current implemented graphical controls:

  • VB.CheckBox
  • VB.CommandButton
  • VB.Frame
  • VB.Label
  • VB.Menu
  • VB.OptionButton
  • VB.Textbox
  • VB.Timer